Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For Family Night last night, Burke and I made Chocolate covered Strawberries! I have never been very succssful at making thsese! But for some reason they turned out great! Plus, because of the price, they were better than the ones you buy at a chocolate store;)!

For the lesson Burke pulled out "Preach My Gospel" and we did the Attribute Activity on pg. 126. This activity lists all of the Attributes of Christ and you rate yourself from 1-5 on each one. It is a great activity to do with your spouse and recognize the areas you can work on individually and/or together! I definitely recommend this to everyone! It is a great FHE Idea...Thanks Burke!


My Niece from Idaho was on spring break so she came to visit us the weekend before Conference. It was so much fun to have her here! We went to the Young Women's Broadcast up in Salt Lake at the Conference Center. This was so fun for her because up there they never really get the opportunity to go. We did a lot of fun things with her. For Family Home Evening we went bowling. Of course Burke won, second was Melissa, and I came in last:(. She is getting older which means she is getting taller. As you can see she is comming up on me! We had so much fun spoiling her! Love you Lisa!Conference Weekend Burke and I had tickets to the Sunday Morning Session of conference. It was such a relaxing weekend and Conference made it that much better. We were able to see Burke's brother KC and his friends up there too!
I really enjoyed many of the talks. It has been hard for me to see President Hinkley not at Conference. However, I have no doubt That President Monson is called by God and leads and guides the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!