Saturday, September 8, 2012

Playing Catch Up-Picture Overload

I haven't posted in a long time so I had no idea where to start so I guess it will be Edison's blessing day.  Everything went so well!  We were lucky enough to have most of our family here...missed the ones that couldn't be there though!

 Family that came on the Bess side
 The Grandkids (Newest Grandson to arrive in November)
 Everyone on the Goodwin side
 The Grandkids (Newest Granddaughter to arrive in December)


 Above:  Hinckley with his scooter.  We went to DI to look for some things that might work for Halloween costumes and he saw this and had to have it...I guess it's better for him to practice on one that has already been used than a brand new one.  You can't see it but there is a half of a horn on there.  It doesn't have the part you squeeze to make the horn sounds so Hinckley just pretends to squeeze it and then says "horn" every time he squeezes!  So cute!
Below: Grandma and Grandpa found a bunch of train tracks at a yard sale so we have plenty of tracks to make anything we want!  He loves them!

 Above:  Burke and Edison.  Edison got real chubby real fast!  We were so amazed that we had to take a picture of his cute little rolls :).
Below: I put Edison in his car seat one morning to go out and he just kept smiling at cute!
 We went to the Zoo with Tom and Nichole (Nichole peeking out in the back there)...It is so fun to have some family close!

 And YES he wears that hard hat EVERYWHERE...I guess it is better than some things :)

Haven't been doing too many for my own house or kids but it is fun to do something different and for gifts!
 Above:  a pillow case for my niece that got baptized
Below:  For my niece who is turning 2 and having a "bugs" themed party
I helped my Sister-in-law who is having a girl make this.  It was a little challenging with the ruffles but we love how it turned out!!
Well I will try to do a little better but I hope you enjoyed the picture OVERLOAD!  We love having two boys and they just love each other too!