Monday, October 26, 2009


BUT today is a different story!

I visit this blog called Give Away Today every day to see what great new items are being given away. On Friday there were three items, all of which I was interested in. I decided that it wouldn't hurt just to enter. There's always a ton of entries so I do not figure I will win anything.

When I went to the blog today I didn't figure to see my name, but there it was.
I wanted to scream but of course I was at work and had to hold it in! Go HERE to see what I won!

Also Check out The photographer's blog. She does amazing work and it will be great to get some fun shots after the baby is born!

--New Prego Picture in post below!

24 Weeks

Here I am at 24 weeks. I can not believe how fast time is flying by. This picture does not nearly show how big I really am, believe me I am big.

What we have noticed:
-I can no longer see my feet very well
-I am finding that I can not walk around stores nearly as long as I used to cause my back and feet start to hurt
-My belly button is slowly disappearing
-We can feel Baby Bess very clearly from the outside-whole body parts
-His kicks and moves are very strong from the inside
-Last doctors appointment I had gained 4 pounds (a pound for each week of the last month and a total or 17 pounds)

What we have done lately on the Baby's room:
-Set the crib up that my sister gave us (Thanks)
-Purchased the crib bedding-the one I posted a little while ago
-Re-did a rocking chair that we purchased for 20$ up North
-Re-did a swing cover for the swing my sister gave us (Thanks)

We get more excited every day for Baby Bess to get here! Although we know it will be hard and an major adjustment, (as many people have freely informed us) we are still extremely excited!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


On this rainy day

I would rather...
be driving up the canyon looking at fall colors
with rain pounding on the car
listening to my favorite music playing.

I would rather...
be home wrapped in a blanket
reading a good book
with the rain hitting against the window

I would rather...
be home snuggling with Burke
drinking hot chocolate
with the fireplace blazing
taking a long walk hand-in-hand under an umbrella.

Burke is at school
and I am at work wishing we could be together.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I know that it is not November yet but My sister-in-law Kate did a great post on death. You can read it here. It really got me thinking of all that I am blessed with.

We currently live with Grandpa in Cedar City.
It is so much fun and a privilege to get to talk with him everyday. We hear his stories and words of wisdom. I have found myself laughing, crying, and filled with excitement for the next thing he shares with us.

Often times I have a hard time leaving him home alone.
His wife passed away 10+ years ago. Although he is used to being alone I can't help but feel sad when we drive away with him staring out the window.

We are blessed to have Grandpa in our lives.

The other day we had a doctors appointment.
On the way we passed the graveyard where a new burial grave was being dug. I couldn't help but think of the excitement we were having as another family was having an emotional load dumped on them (which reminded me of Kate's post).

The experience of being pregnant.
Has brought about many new emotions in me, as I am sure it does in most women. I am excited, frightened, delighted and honored to me trusted by Heavenly Father with one of his children.

We are blessed to be able start a family with our little guy.

As with most people.
Life gets busy and we get caught in the motion of things. Life is expensive. Worries, concerns, and hard days fall upon us.

Thanks to the little things.
The little things in life, which are big at the time, help to get us through life. Like being "forgiven" for the rest of my school loan, receiving a grant for school, and simply being around family and friends when needed lightens the load.

We are blessed with tender mercies.

Of course there are many other blessings in my life but those few things have been on my mind lately! Burke always reminds me that Life is Good...and it is!