Saturday, January 30, 2010


We decided to do a little project involving the ABCs. It was fun to design it and work on something again. We used to do projects a ton and got out of doing them for awhile. I need to take more pictures of other things we have done but some include:
This ABC wall hanging

Making Rocking Chair Pads

Taking pictures of objects that resemble letters to form his name

Re-doing a swing cover

Making a car seat covering

36 Weeks (9 months by weeks)

This picture was taken awhile ago (on the day of my shower) but I was 36 weeks. Needed to post it before I actually have him! Today I am 38 weeks. Things are going really well and we are just taking one day at a time!
I love this picture of Burke with all our little nieces. This was after the baby shower and they were all trying to get him. It is hilarious to watch!

St. George Shower

I am so behind in blogging right now that I won't take too much time telling about everything. I had a shower in st. George and it was such a blast. My family, both my side and Burke's side, did so much to make it such a great day! People were so nice and little Hinckley was spoiled. He definitely has everything he needs now!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One Month Left...REALLY?

The time has flown by! I have been so anxious to get him here and now that it is almost here I am not sure I am ready. My due date is exactly one month from today!

I have come to the realization that it will no longer just be me and Burke (of course I knew this in the beginning but it is so much more real now). No more quick late night runs to get ice cream together or just pick up and go. A baby will definitely occupy all of our time and change our lives to the extreme.

However, I am more than excited to get him here. We started a pre-natal class the other week and took a tour of the labor and delivery. I have to admit that when they were explaining how everything goes, I just about started to tear up! Every day I look forward to the first time I will get to hold him in my arms. Even better to see Burke with him, Father and Son.

The fun times we have had during this pregnancy will never be forgotten: The first time Burke felt the baby, finding out "it" turned out to be a "He," setting up the bedroom, and working on projects together. We have enjoyed all of these experiences and know that having a baby will make life even better!

I will be 36 weeks on Saturday (picture to come) and I am going to take full advantage of these weeks of having the baby all to Burke and myself....selfish right? I am going to enjoy all of his movements and the little time Burke and I have to ourselves and preparing for is arrival.

Hopefully we will get to meet him in just about 4 short weeks...Can hardly wait :)!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve

Here we are re-uniting! We were all roommates up at BYU....yes we were known as the short apartment. It was so much fun to catch up on what everyone was up to and talking about the past! We sure had some good times together and very grateful for the experiences that helped me grow into who I am today!

Love my Husband to death!!

Anniversary-Two Years

Burke really surprised me this year! I had no idea what he was planning until about a week before our anniversary. He was able to earn some extra money that I had no idea about and planned a little get away for us. I had mentioned a few months ago that I would love to do a couples message together. Little did I know it was already in the planning. He played off my comment like he wanted nothing to do with it. It was the best thing any woman would want when being pregnant. We got there a little early and were able to relax in mineral pools and then enjoy a FULL HOUR body message! It was absolutely amazing! I love you so much babe and thanks for always thinking of me!

I have been wanting to make him a blanket for some time now so for our anniversary I put one together. It is made with pictures from the past two years and then some of our old t-shirts from our past. It was so fun to surprise him with!

Christmas at the Ranch

This year for Christmas we were up at the Family Ranch with Burke's Family. It is always nice to get away to a quite place where no one can reach us. Everyone in the Family was there except for Graham (Kate's Husband) and we missed him so much!!

Fun to have two grand daughters old enough this year to show excitement! Can't wait for Hinckley to join them soon!

This year I was finally able to finishe Burke's Mission Book. I had a blast putting it together and I think it was almost more fun to give it...I could hardly wait! I love how importnat his mission is to him!
We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas too!
(I had more pictures to share but computer was not working with me)

Christmas Traditions

Every year my mom makes chocolates, Peanut Clusters and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. They are very delicious if you ask me. This year I was able to make them with her! It was so much fun to go from beginning to end and learn for myself how to make them.

32 Weeks

Finally posting a picture at 32 weeks. Tomorrow I will be 34 weeks. We are amazed at how fast time flies...Hinckley will be here in about 6 weeks!