Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What I Love

I love when Burke gets excited about things. I am not sure what kind of tree it is but it has these certain leaves on them that Burke calls "Helicopter leaves. " The wind was slightly blowing when I came home from work... Burke went to go get the mail and ran into get me to show me all the "Helicopter leaves" flying everywhere. It felt like some kind of movie....kind of like the movie "Twister" when all of those metal things flew out of the truck. Anywho, that is just one of God's little toys that Burke has pointed out to me since we have been married.

I love that the weather is warming up in Provo. It has been in the high eighties lately and we have totally taken advantage. Saturday was a blast. We both didn't have work of school work to do so we loaded the whole day of things together! We figured that we should start getting in shape for our trek so we hiked the "Y" ( you don't really live in Provo until you have done it)... and realized that we have some work to do :)!
After hiking we decided that it would be a great day to paint this door that we are turning into a picture frame. It was fun to pick out the color and finally get it finished...i will have to post it again when we get it all finished (with pictures inside). This was Burke's idea and I just love it!!!
Also, I am a little short for our apartment and can never reach the top shelfs. Burke was so thoughtful to pick out this stool for me so I don't have to climb up on our counter tops when he isn't home...it works perfectly.For the end of the night Burke surprised me with movie tickets to the movie "Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian!" It was really really good. I would recommend it to anyone...I even liked it more than the first one!! We had a great day and only wish that we could have more like this with out school and work....Burke's uncle reminded us that days like this are important (never forget to take time to spend together) because "life is the moment that you're in."

Monday, May 5, 2008

Summer Projects

Now that we are finished with Winter Semester, we have a little more time on our hands. Burke is always thinking of creative things that we could make or do with old furniture...so we have a few projects to work on this summer. The one we are working on right now is a side-table. Burke went to DI one day and found this table for a great price so he bought is. I was a little skeptical because I didn't get to see it until he brought it home, but I loved it and we started on it right away.
We didn't like the current color so we stripped it and sanded it (yup right outside our little apartment...I am sure our neighbors are so sick of us). Now we are ready to paint as soon as we can decide on a color. The current handles are going to be replaced as well. We are having a lot of fun working on this together and it will be fun to see the finished project!!

Ma and Pa

We recently got called to be a Ma and Pa for the Stake Youth Conference Trek in July. Burke has been on one trek and I have never been so we are really excited to be able to serve and be with the youth. We are going up to Martin's Cove which will make it even more significant since that is where everything really did happen. We definitely need to brush up on our Pioneer history and learn about all the details before we go. I didn't realize what we were really getting ourselves into until we went to our first meeting. We are going right in the middle of rattle snake season (they did not inform us of that when we accepted haha)!!! We are looking forward to this experience and very happy that we get to do it together. It does feel crazy that we are going as leaders because we are only a few years older than some of the youth and one of the youngest couples going. However, I know it is going to be a great experience and I hope that we will be able to teach the youth as much as I am sure we will learn from them!!