Thursday, November 6, 2008


This new term at the elementary school Burke and I got asked to do a Ballroom Club for the After School Program! Of course I immediately accepted while Burke was a little hesitant. I went to a training the other week and it completely overwhelmed me. The program is really intense and the students can even compete against each other at the end of the term if they want. Luckily most of our students are third graders which does not qualify them to the pressure is off! We have only taught the class three times but yesterday we finally finished the warm-up routine with all 30 students. Once they finally got over the fact that they would have to actually hold a girls/boys hand and that it is okay for Mr. and Mrs. Bess to dance together, they got into it and everyone can hardly wait until the next dance class. Because we were a little reluctant on accepting this challenge, it brings great satisfaction that the club is turning out this well.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


This Halloween was a little different then all the others we have had! First of all it was our first Halloween together as a married couple. And second, all of my family, well almost all, decided to come to Provo for the festivities. We had a blast going to the "Trunk or Treat" in my sister's ward and just spending time with family that we don't see too often!
They all looked great in their costumes!

My nephew got tired of carrying his he asked Burke to :)
This is my oldest niece who is almost taller than me! She is Great!
All the boys in character
Grammy and Pa of course are loved!
Saturday was also so much fun! We got to go to the Salt Lake Temple for a family sealing! It was so much fun and the kids looked like Angels. It was our first time to the Salt Lake Temple and we are definitely going back to do a session! Saturday night my sister put together a Halloween dinner! It consisted of brains, blood, and bones (Spaghetti, jello salad, and bread sticks)! She is so creative. I am sure it will probably be posted on her blog soon so take a look! Thanks for coming family, it was fun to see you!