Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A few fun Pictures and updated prego pic:)

Hinckley loves his bean bag lately. He drags it out of his room and sits on it to read, to talk on his phone, or to build a boat!

My sister came in town so we met them at their hotel to go swimming. So fun to see family!


I am now down to my two week appointments! Crazy how fast it is going. I am so ready to be done being pregnant but not sure if I am ready to have two boys! Hinckley has been so fun and easy lately that we are going to be in for a huge surprise :)! We are so excited to have a tiny one in the house again though!


The Zoo

Here we are the zoo when we were dating nearly 5 years ago

And here are at the zoo just a few weeks ago. It is so fun to see how different we look and how far we have come since then!

We got a zoo pass for the year and we have been nearly ten times since we got it and we only got it the Friday before General Conference! It is so much fun and Hinckley loves going!

Hinckley was so excited to see a tractor so he had to get a picture!

I think his favorite part are the monkeys! The one in this picture would run accoss the tree back and forth and follow Hinckley. It was really funny.

Can you see the baby monkey? Soooo cute!

Oh and we couldn't miss the train! He absolutely loves it; especially when it goes through the tunnel (sorry for the fuzzy picture!)

We love the Zoo and can't wait for the parts under construction to open so there will be new things to see!

Spending time in St. George with cousins!

After being in St. George for Burke's Birthday, Hinckley and I decided to stay for the week since it was Spring Break!

We got to do a lot of outdoor stuff. Here He is with Adelaide and Eliza (Cousins on the Goodwin Side)

We went to Red Cliffs with the Bess side and Hinckley had so much fun with all the dirt, shovels, and buckets. This kid seriously lives outside!

Here are all the cousins- Charlotte, Hinckley, Annie, and Sophie.

At the end of the night all the kids got into one car. Annie got them all buckled in and got in the drivers seat pretending to drive. We are all a little nervous for this day!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Celebrating Burke's Birthday--March 11

Burke is 26!!!!
We have been so busy lately that I have not kept up on blogging so here are a few pictures from when we were in St. George and we celebrated his birthday by spending the day outside, going out to dinner, and have cake and ice cream!
(Look for more posts to come as I try to catch up!)

Hinckley's little cousin Charlotte just adores him(we like to call it a cousin crush) and follows him everywhere...Sad to say but Hinckley doesn't really give her any attention
Hinckley was really in need of a hair cut and since the weather was so nice in St. George we decided to do it! Doesn't he look so grown up?