Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One Year Anniversary

I can not believe how fast one year can go by... it has been the best year of my life! Because we work at an elementary school we were both able to have two weeks off. We have loved being down in St. George with our family and spend Christmas, Birthdays, and New Years Eve (Posts to come with these events) without planning the wedding! It is kind of hard to have a anniversary around the holidays; especially when we want to be with family too. However, we escaped and spent a night out together. We had such a blast and it was nice to take advantage of what is in St. George. We talked about the highlights of the year and here are a few that we loved about being in married in 2008:
  • Going to Disneyland for our Honeymoon-and the funny experiences that came with it
  • Visiting Puerto Rico, Culebra with the Bess family
  • Doing all of our fun projects together
  • Spending time with all the Goodwin Family and attending a siblings family sealing
  • The opportunity we had of being a Ma and Pa for the Youth Trek (the friendships that we have developed from the experience :))
  • The joy of becoming one (getting used to everything being "ours" instead of "mine" and "yours")
We have a had a lot of fun this year and anyone who has followed our blog would be able to see that. We were told when we got married that the first year of marriage would be the most fun but also the hardest year. We have come to find that to be true but we would not change anything about it. Burke is such a great husband and I am very grateful to be able to be with him for Eternity!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


As of right now Burke and I have both earned a degree! I have finally earned my Bachelors Degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development (MFHD). I thought this day would never come and yet it has not really hit me yet. I am currently looking for a full-time position so if anyone has heard of anything let me know because I am interested:)! Burke just finished his last final with the high of the whole class! I wish I had his brain! He has now received his Associates Degree. I keep telling him that it is a huge mile stone to get an Associates Degree. We are both very relieved to have our finals over and done with. We can now finally begin celebrating the Christmas Season!! Thanks to all family and friends for supporting us in our education and we are excited to see you all!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

White Thanksgiving at the Ranch

I apologize for such a late post!
This year for Thanksgiving we went to the Ranch! It was so much fun and nice to be away from all the busyness of city life! We were surprised to arrive to fresh snow falling because there was no snow up until we got to the ranch. Here are a few pictures of what we did at the ranch. Burke and I made a little snowman the night we got there. The snow was so amazing and it really wasn't that cold at all.Here are the two nieces of the Bess family Annie and Sophie! They are so cute and so much fun to be around!
Kate and Clo preparing for the Thanksgiving Dinner.
Burke decided he wanted to make another snowman. This time Bigger! It didn't take too long for all the boys to join them! It was quite the process to finish it but here is the finish product! If you can tell...the top three layers are from the snowman the night before :)
We took advantage of the beautiful scenery and went on an excursion--
The next day we went down to St. George for a few days! I went out with all the girls in my family and had a little contest of who could find the best deal, most Christmasy, most outrageous item. It was a lot of fun and if you look closely, a few of them are hilarious!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


This new term at the elementary school Burke and I got asked to do a Ballroom Club for the After School Program! Of course I immediately accepted while Burke was a little hesitant. I went to a training the other week and it completely overwhelmed me. The program is really intense and the students can even compete against each other at the end of the term if they want. Luckily most of our students are third graders which does not qualify them to the pressure is off! We have only taught the class three times but yesterday we finally finished the warm-up routine with all 30 students. Once they finally got over the fact that they would have to actually hold a girls/boys hand and that it is okay for Mr. and Mrs. Bess to dance together, they got into it and everyone can hardly wait until the next dance class. Because we were a little reluctant on accepting this challenge, it brings great satisfaction that the club is turning out this well.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


This Halloween was a little different then all the others we have had! First of all it was our first Halloween together as a married couple. And second, all of my family, well almost all, decided to come to Provo for the festivities. We had a blast going to the "Trunk or Treat" in my sister's ward and just spending time with family that we don't see too often!
They all looked great in their costumes!

My nephew got tired of carrying his he asked Burke to :)
This is my oldest niece who is almost taller than me! She is Great!
All the boys in character
Grammy and Pa of course are loved!
Saturday was also so much fun! We got to go to the Salt Lake Temple for a family sealing! It was so much fun and the kids looked like Angels. It was our first time to the Salt Lake Temple and we are definitely going back to do a session! Saturday night my sister put together a Halloween dinner! It consisted of brains, blood, and bones (Spaghetti, jello salad, and bread sticks)! She is so creative. I am sure it will probably be posted on her blog soon so take a look! Thanks for coming family, it was fun to see you!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Is Here For Good

I wish I had a picture of what the roads looked like when I drove to school today. It reminded me of 100 S. In St. George on a fall day on my way to Dixie State College. The color of the trees are so gorgeous and we have the brightest red bushes right out our parking garage. I love everything about Fall except the cold weather that comes with it!

This past weekend we went to St. George over Fall Break. It was definitely a break! I seem to enjoy being with the students I work with when I have had a little break from them :)...sound familiar to any of you Moms? Anyways we had an absolute blast! Burke had projects to work on so I made a table runner with my mother-on-law which turned out great (sorry for the lack of pictures. I seem to get lazy now that we lost our good camera...that's right, we still can't find it.) and went shopping with my mother to spend her gift card from her birthday! It was such a blast to do things that we normally can't do on other visits!

We did end up carving pumpkins and It was one year ago this time of year that we did the same thing (I have a picture but it was too hard to find). It was the next visit down after our engagement. Burke and I always buy one pumpkin and then want to do different faces so we decided to split the pumpkin right in half and we each carved half...I know we are weird but it was fun.

Our little niece, Sophie, was staying at the house while we were there. It was so much fun to be around her enough to get to know what she is like! She is such a fun and happy girl and communicates with you like she is five. She knows baby sign language and it is amazing! Our newest niece, Annie, was also blessed on the Sunday we were there! Now we have 8 nieces and 5 nephews all together!
It was such a fun weekend and we are so lucky that we live remotely close enough to visit all the time. Our favorite thing is to be where family is! Thanks for the great weekend!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Conference Weekend

This past weekend was so much relaxing and fun...for some reason it felt like such a long break from school and work. On Friday night we went up to Burke's mission reunion. Awhile ago we got together with some of the Elders and one of the mission couples so it was nice to have known a few (I visited with some of the couple missionaries while he reminisced about the mission times with the Elders :)). Plus, I think every wife can agree with me, it is nice to go to a mission reunion to meet all the people you have heard so much about...after all he did spend 2 years, 24/7 with these people!

Saturday Morning Taren and Michelle Hansen came to stay with us for the remainder of the weekend. Burke and Taren are best friends so it was fun to get to know both of them a little bit more! We really enjoyed having friends stay with us and catch up on things. We went up to the Conference Center Saturday Afternnoon in hopes that we could get some tickets. We got to Salt Lake about fifteen minutes before the session started so it was'nt likely. However, Michelle and I dropped the boys off and within five minutes they called with 17 tickets in hand! I don't really know how they got them but they kept four and gave the rest out. We were left with car in the pouring rain and the boys had to go in to get their seat but left out tickets at the door. To make a long story short, we FINALLY found a spot hoping it was not an illegal one and ran with shoes and umbrella in hand (I really wish we had a picture of us :)). By the time we got to the Conference Center, we got the wrong tickets, got confronted by a man telling us we were foolish for not being inside yet, and saved by a nice host who helped us get to our husbands all safe and sound!!

Following the afternoon session we grabbed a bite to eat and dropped the boys off again for the Priesthood session to hopefully get some tickets. The same thing again happend...before we got to the end of the street we received a call with tickets in hand! They are so LUCKY! They were off to a spiritual evening and we were off to do what girls do!

It was a great day all together and we topped it off by meeting Scott and Hilary Curtis at a restaurant (I can't remember what it is called because it wasn't any of our favorites and the service was terrible). It was so fun to see them and to have all the Boys together!

The Hansen's left after the Sunday morning session and we were up to Salt Lake for our final time....thanks Charles for getting us tickets! This time no rain, assigned parking spot and we were on time. We even had time to see this original 1847 log home, which was eventually transported to Temple Square, we had never seen before. Conference in the Conference Center was definitely worth the drive (I seem to stay awake when I am all dressed up and not in the comfort of my home). At the end of the day we went to my sister's house for dinner. Burke gave the nephews a bug catcher of course he is now the favorite :).

Sorry for such a long post but as you can tell we had a GREAT time being with friends, family, and each other! It was fun to have a little get away weekend in our own town!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Family Home Evening and Nine Month Anniversary

September 29, 2008
As you probably can tell I really behind on my posts...sorry to all those who may have been wondering what has been going on in our lives. Our camera is still lost but we located my dinosaur camera and it is doing the job okay.

The Sunday before our nine month anniversary Burke was making his Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. I like to Clean up as I cook and Burke likes to get everything out and then clean up so I was getting on his nerves a little bit because I hate getting my clothes dirty. To solve the problem Burke went the next day and bought some plain white aprons and paint pens to decorate them with for Family Home Evening and for our nine month anniversary. I thought it was such a great idea...the twist was that I got to decorate Burke's apron and he got to do mine. They turned out so great and now I don't have to worry about messes. Thanks Hun! Here are some pictures:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Reason to Live

We have had this plant on our doorstep for a very long time (if you have been to our house, you know which one I am talking about). For more than half the time we have had it, it has looked dead. There is a little green left at the top so Burke has insisted that we keep it. Every day I try to talk him into dupping it out. I was about to throw out the poor little guy today with out telling Burke. However, after running to the store early this morning, I noticed a little purple flower had bloomed! I guess the plant just wasn't ready to pass on...and that little flower brightened our morning. Burke had fun rubbing it in and now he insists that we keep it even longer. We can't find our camera at the moment or I would love to show you all a picture of how sad the plant looks and see what people thought about it. I am sure most of you would agree with me and it should be thrown out. We'll have to see how long it really lasts :). Anywho Burke did show faith in the sad looking plant and there ended up being a little life left in it!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sick of being Sick

I love having days off from school and work but not today! I am home today but only because I am sick. I don't know what it is but when I get sick, I really get sick. My sicknesses always consist of a sore throat, ear infection, and then the 24 hour flu. Poor Burke has been sooo board. I always feel so bad because he is always so great to take care of me, even if I do keep him up all night. I have yet to take care of Burke when he is sick...he just does not get sick. Right now Burke is at work and I am extremely board. There is only so much a sick person can do! I am grateful for the down time because I am constantly going, but I am really ready to be well again!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Back to School--In More than One Way

I hope this picture makes you laugh because I was cracking up! This picture explains all our feelings for the past week. I started school on Tuesday so now we are both officially in school. I don't have as big of load as Burke does because I'll be graduating in December. I have to say that because I don't have as much to do, I am getting a small taste of what it will feel like when I don't have school at all. I will definitely have to pick up some new hobbies and be a patient little wife :).

As for the update on our new jobs. Things are going great at the Elementary School. It is funny to walk around together and have people looking at us because they think it's so cute that we get to work together! I have to admit that it has been fun to work together and to talk to each other and know exactly who and what we are talking about!

Working with kids is very challenging which makes us like the job. It is exciting to see the kids improve and also learn some new techniques for teaching children reading skills. However, by the end of the day we are exhausted. People have told me that working with your own kids is completely different....I know you still get exhausted but I hope they are right. Right now things at the school is a little unorganized because it is the beginning of the year. We have been so used to jobs with very strict schedules and organization that we are going a little crazy. I think that within the next week or so things will start leveling out.

The After School program is a little different than we thought. Burke is going to be known as Mr. Bess as he teaches the first and second graders in the Gifted and Talented Program (he gets his own classroom and everything)! It is so cute to hear all the little girls say "Hey Mr. Bess!" While he is doing that I get to help out in the kindergarten class. I will also be teaching every Tuesday. For the rest of the after school program Burke is helping out in the "Sports Club" and I am in with the "Learning for Life Club." I was a little disappointed to find out that there was actually no "Dance Club" this term so I guess I will have to make do with the "Learning for Life" :). Anyways it is not something I was expecting to be doing but I guess I can make do with what I have and make the best out of it. The lessons kind of seem like little primary lessons so hopefully it won't be that bad and I will probably end up loving it!

Anyways sorry to ramble off but there is a quick update so you know we are still alive and doing well! We still don't know our plans for the upcoming semester but hopefully we will finalize plans soon.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

One of the Last Projects for the Summer

Before Summer comes to a jolting halt, we thought we would finish up one of our last projects for the summer (Burke still has a few others in mind) antique dressing screen. It is hard to see all the detail from a picture but believe me Burke did a great job! Burke thought it might be fun to try and sell it somewhere but I think I'll want to keep it :).

Home-made paint booth

The Finished Project
Cost of the project
Screens: $10
Paint: $8
Hinges: $2.25
TOTAL: $20.25

A Dressing Screen made by my husband...PRICELESS

Friday, August 15, 2008

Change is Good...I Think

I have now worked at a bank for three years so I feel pretty comfortable and in my comfort zone. All the jobs I have ever had have been working straight with the public. I have enjoyed it a lot and have made many new friends through my jobs. However, I have been getting ready for a change. Working at a bank has been a great job, but working with people and their finances is a little stressful at times. People don't quite understand that Tellers at the window are simply there to help them deposit, withdraw and answer some simple questions. Everyone probably uses a bank so just a little advice (and some things that I have observed from being a Teller..and I guess a little of venting)...

  • Try to be ready when you go to the drive-up
  • Tellers are not supposed to fill out your slips for you
  • If you don't know the teller, then the teller probably does not know you, so always include your driver's license
  • Don't spend more money then you have and then blame it on the bank
  • Tellers and the bank will always be there to help you but they will be more happy to help you if you are nice :).
  • Trust your bank
  • There are rules that have to be followed in the banking business so try to be understanding if something can not be done that you are wanting to be done
  • With all the money I have dealt with I can tell you that money is just money...Don't worry about it so much.
  • Try not to be demanding or seem helpless
  • Whether you have little or lots of money you still have problems.
Now that the Summer is coming to an end I have been looking for an internship to finish up my last semester at BYU. Burke's is also coming to the end of his summer job so we were both in the need of new jobs. I do not like change so looking for a new job was not fun for me. We have been applying and putting in resumes everywhere and finally yesterday we both landed on a fantastic job. We applied as a Teacher's Assistant at the same elementary school in the Provo School District thinking that one of us would get the job. When we both got called in for an interview it gave us hope that maybe we would actually both get to work at the same place but didn't think it would be possible because we are married. The interviews went great and only a few hours later we both received a call being offered a position at the same school and working at the same time!! The Elementary School is only about two miles from our house and we are lucky enough to just drive to work together. Our job will consist of tutoring first graders in math and reading and then helping out in the after school clubs. Because of our background,I will probably be involved in the dance club and Burke will be doing the speech and drama club! We are completely excited! Burke has had a job before where he worked with kids and did activities with them so this is a little more out of my comfort zone than it is for him but I think I will be ready for this change.

I don't know if it happens to anyone else, but when I get a new job I get nervous and scared and it makes my current job not seem so bad and I think maybe I could stay and deal with it a little longer. However, I am ready for a change but I will still be lucky enough to work a few Saturdays a month, if i choose, at the bank. There are many people that I will miss there and my co-workers have been great, but this new job will actually apply to what i have been studying the past few years and allow me to grow in areas that I would not be able to at the bank.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

There is Always a First Time for Everything

I knew it would be hard but I never knew it would be this hard. Tonight is the first night that Burke and I will be apart...let me just say that I sure miss him a lot! I had previously agreed to fill in for a girl at work which means I would be working a full day tomorrow, but tomorrow is the day that Jacob and Kassidy would become Mr. and Mrs. Baker! Burke is really good friends with Jacob so he tried really hard to get his work schedule open for tomorrow so he could go to the wedding...but unfortunately I still have to work. We decided that he should still go ahead and go down and I would be catching a ride with another friend after work.

It is nice to know that when Burke is gone I have great friends to be with! Aaron and Jenny Johnson have been great. They invited me over tonight for dinner and to watch the famous So You Think You Can Dance! It was so much fun and the food was scrumptious! Thanks guys for everything! Although I miss Burke a ton, I am glad that we were able to make things work so he could make it to the wedding and spend some quality time with his family and friends. Love you Burke and I'll See you soon!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Park City and Moochie's

Last weekend Kate and Graham came up for the weekend because Graham had to do some work for the Shutter Place. It was so much fun to have them here...We stayed up way to late for out own good and we were also able to spend a day with them in Park City at the Art Festival. I have been wanting to go up to Park City for awhile now because I have never had a chance to go there and really look around. It was a lot fun to walk around and see all the interesting art...and I mean interesting! After a fulfilling day of looking at art and enjoying the outlet stores (The boys not so much) we went to Salt Lake City to eat at a place called Moochie's. Thomas had told Graham about it and said that we really should go there. The food was pretty good but it was more about the experience :). The place has some pretty interesting things to look at and they are all about meatballs! If you like new and interesting places, this would be a place to try out!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

We Were able to go home for a little longer than usual this past weekend and we had a blast doing so many things with family and friends. We stayed with my parents to help my mom out a little after her knee replacement surgery. It was so hard to see her limping around and not able to do much but she is a great sport!Thursday we were able to re-do a book shelf that my dad had extra so we went to the shop to to that. Thanks Dad for helping us out!

That night we went to Les Mis out at Tuacahn (Thanks to Alex) with Cleola and Charles and we absolutely loved it! They did a great job and it is definitely worth seeing. On Friday night we went to see Wall-e with my brother Tom and his wife Nichole. It is a great movie but if you are wanting to see it I would wait until it goes to the dollar theater or something :). On Saturday we were able to go out to lunch with some of our friends that still live in St. George and then later on that night we got together with Kate and Graham to do a little art. We started out putting paint inside balloons which we were going to pin onto a white canvas but the balloons kept popping and the paint got everywhere (literally everywhere. On the walls, counter, mouths, and hair! Cleola was great for letting us do it in her kitchen!) so we ended up with less balloons than we wanted. After popping them with blow darts and a BB Gun we went Jackson Pollock style and started throwing the paint with our hands and the paint containers.
It was so much fun and it was an awesome idea that Kate came up with!!! After this weekend there is no other way of putting it other than there is NO place like home!