Sunday, May 10, 2009

Teresa is looking for a Summer Job...HELP

We are moving to Cedar City in the Fall but we are staying in Provo for the summer so I can make it to Camp for Young Women's. I am still filling in at the bank but I cannot only depend on that so I am looking for a temporary job just for the summer. If anyone knows of any positions, send them my way. With my degree in Marriage Family and Human Development, the ideal job would be working with kids and providing childcare.

Where I have worked in the past:
I have worked in a bank for four years and have gained many office/receptionist skills.

For the past year I have worked in an elementary school teaching students reading skills, teaching ballroom dance, and working with special-ed.

If you know of anything send it my way...THANKS!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Computers and Internet...BLAH

So in case you have been wondering where we have been...we are still here. I have so much I want to post but we currently do not have access to the internet. Our neighbors who have been in charge of it have moved and we are waiting for our other neighbors to take charge because they will be here longer then we will be. I never realized how much I use the internet until now. I keep trying to hop on to check anything and everything and it never works. Anyways we are currently at the library where we have never been to so much until now:).

I thought I would hurry drop a line and tell you we are here and a few of the things I want to post are:
-Our trip home
-The new Bosch Burke gave me (a total surprise and I love it!)
-Burke's new chop saw (it is now summer so Burke is back to do doing his GREAT and CREATIVE projects)
-Our Ballroom Club's performance

I am sure there are a few more but I will get to them someday...I promise!