Friday, February 29, 2008

Thanks to Leap Year

Today is February 29th and we were married on the 29th of December. You may wonder what the significance is. Well, thanks to Leap Year we could celebrate our two month anniversary of being married!


For our honeymoon we went downt to California! We stayed at Palm Springs and then went to the beach and Disneyland. For one who has only been to California once, never been to Disneyland or been on a long trip with the love of my life, I was soooo excited and ready to go. Once we got there life was great, but getting there was another story. Has anyone taken the back way other than I-15 to California? The one and only tip I give you...make sure you have a full tank of gas! Once we got on the road we realized that we were definately in the boondocks. We finally ran into a little town called Kelso which used to be a railroad station.

Here is Burke trying to figure out where we are and the where the nearest gas station would be

They were even nice enough to put a sign out for us to so we knew where we were :)

So we finally found a person in the Kelso Depot Visiting Center that told us a gas station was just down the road a little ways. I wish I had a picture...when we got there the gas nosels were chained up and the only gas available was emergency gas and it was $5.00 a gallon. Needless to say we bought one gallon. Anywho, this experience is definatley memorable and we did make it to California safe and sound.

On our way from Palm Springs to Disneyland we ran into a few crazy things that we just laughed at. First there was what looked like a farm (a valley) full of windmills. Then we pulled off to get some breakfast and saw these massive dinasours that we had to get pictures with! It was a very sunny day so I was in a skirt but in a wind channel so there is me holding my skirt down :).

Once we got to Anaheim we went to the beach! Of course we were used to winter weather in Provo so we took advantage of the sun and put our swimming suits on...we got the weirdest looks all day. We made a doliphin in the sand, walked around, and burke tried to trick me into getting in the water (He was successful up to my mid thigh). It was a great time!Now to the happiest place on earth...Disneyland! It was everything I imagined it to be. It was so fun to be there together and go on the rides. There were large lines that day but it was still worth it! My favorite one was Space Mountain. I wanted to go on it again but the line took nearly an hour to get through. We stayed there all day so we could watched the fireworks by the castle. They were incredible and by far the best we had ever seen. Because it was at Christmas time, all the rides were done holiday and there was fake snow at the end of the fireworks! It was so amazing and very magical!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Est. Decmeber 29, 2007

Since I just became a blogger, there needs to be a little back tracking. This can not be the story of "our" lives unless it starts at the beginning....our wedding day! We were pretty lucky to both be from St. George so we didn't have to compromise of where we got married. The St. George Temple was gorgeous and the weather in December acutally turned out to be perfect. There was nothing I would have changed the whole day. We had the help of all our family members, all the people we wanted there, and great photographers (Mikki and Braden) to document our day! Everything turned out just the way we wanted and we danced the night away!

I would have to say that we both married into great families. They are so fun to be around. Every time we go home it is so hard to leave. Hopefully someday we will be able to at least move closer or actually to St. George. Since I am almost finished at BYU and Burke is going to UVU we will be here till December and then if Burke decides he wants to stay we will be here for longer :). We do have a little family up here so that makes it easier and it would be hard to leave them that's for sure.