Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Have you ever...

...walked on a frozen lake? It is a little frightening but very amazing at the same time!
Thanks to the Monday holiday we were able to have a full day of fun with some friends:) Utah Lake was completely frozen over. When we first got there, it was a bit hazy and the frost on the trees were amazing! We were hoping the lake would be more glassy so we could do a little ice skating but we still had a blast walking and running on it, finding cool ice sculptures, and having snow fights. We took a lot of pictures but here are a few from the exciting day.
Following the lake we decided we didn't get enough of the snow so we went sledding for another few hours. We went down some pretty large hills and hit some big jumps, also got a few injuries (I wish we would have gotten a picture of the huge scrape on the Burke's back, but it was all worth it! Here are a few videos--Sorry that they are sideways but again they won't change.

Burke and Aaron

Teresa and Jenny

It was nice to finally have a snow day and I hope you got as good of a laugh as we did! :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year

For New Years we got out the rest of our wedding cake and ate a few bites. It was still really good! It was a great cake thanks to Byron! We also Went with Taran and Michelle to watch the Fireworks and bring in the New Year, 2009! It was a great to see friends and celebrate!

Crocheting and Sewing

Over Christmas break I made and learned a few things that will keep me busy now that I am finished with school! My sister-in-law, Nichole, has been into crocheting and taught me how. I completed one scarf and I am currently working on my second. It was so much fun--and who knows maybe one day we will make a blanket. You can go to her blog to see more ideas. From Mary, my other sister-in-law, I received a gift card to a fabric store so I decided to purchase a bag pattern and material. For a couple of days Clo, Kim, and I made the bags. They turned out great I think and I got to use some of my new sewing supplies!
I eventually wanted a sewing machine but knew that I probably would not be getting it any time soon. However, My friend, Jenny went to California over the break and brought me back a sewing machine her sister-in-law no longer wanted. I was so surprised and grateful. Burke is happy because now he doesn't have to get me one :)! I can not wait to sew something else! Thanks Jenny and Aaron!

Clo is 50!

Clo turned 50 on the 30th of December. We decided to throw her a surprise birthday party. It turned out so well and she had completely no idea.
This cake was amazing--Byron has such a great talent!
Charles peaking to make sure we know when she is on her way!
Happy Birthday Clo! We love you!

"It's Never Too Late"--So Here's Christmas

Christmas was so much fun. It was nice to be able to relax for a couple of weeks and just be with family. We had nothing scheduled and each day was a blank slate to be created. Here are a some pictures for a glimpse of Christmas morning...FYI-we had just woken up:)! (some of the pictures are sideways because for some reason my computer won't rotate them)
Burke picked me out a lot of sewing supplies that I have wanted! He did such a great job and I was so excited!
Burke had to go down to Mexico with his Dad so while he was away I made him a stocking for this years Christmas. It was super quick and easy and I was excited about how it turned out.
All Boys still need toys! I was excited when I picked this out for Burke. It is so much fun to fly and figure out.

My Dad made us gifts this year. He made my Mom a new towel rack, and all the kids a type of shelf. They turned out Beautiful...Thanks Dad!
Last year when I was at the ranch for Christmas with Burke's Family, His parents gave me part of the Willow Tree Nativity. This year for Christmas they made the backdrop for it. Isn't it just perfect?! I loved it...Thanks Clo and Charles!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Eve

The next few posts are a little late but I wanted to show what we have been doing over the holidays! Christmas Eve was really fun. This year we were at my house for Christmas so there were just two couples from my family and my parents, a total of six. My Sister-in-law, Nichole is great at making gingerbread so we made houses out of real gingerbread! I have never really been the one to be great at creating gingerbread houses but It was so much fun to start from scratch and end up with an actual house :). I have not had much luck in the past so I was quite impressed with what we ended up with.As you can see from our houses Burke comes from a landscaping family and Tom comes from a carpentry family!All around it was a great experience and Burke and Tom think next time they are going to be partners and make the Monticello--you know the building on the back of the Nickel. Nichole and I spend too much time decorating so we will be together on the next house...the competition is on!