Friday, March 25, 2011

New Pictures

We had Kassidy Baker take some family pictures for us and some singles of Hinckley since he is one now. I was so worried cause the weather was not the best but they turned out GREAT! Thanks Kassidy!! Here are a few (and maybe a little more) for you to view :) :

I can see these on a wedding video in say 22 years or so!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

as of lately...

Hinckley is getting so big and keeping us busy. Here are a few pictures of what we have bee up to lately. Picture overload but it's mostly for family who live away and don't get to see him much :).
This is where Hinckley sits when I vaccuum. He is absolutes terrified of it.
Hinckley has learned how to walk...and is getting into just about anything and everything.
Loves playing the piano
With walking comes the bumps and buises...fell and hit a piano bench leg. (No stiches thank goodness and it looked ten times better the next morning)
Learning new tricks
Yes he got in there all by himself.
Burke's birthday-the big 25!
Spending time with Mom and Dad
Swinging with Great Grandpa
Hinckley is just getting so big so fast. It seems like after he turned 1 he is just a little boy. He does something each day that just makes us laugh. We are so lucky to have him in our lives. He is just so cute if we don't say so ourselves !!!!
I have been trying to learn some new things with my sewing machine I got for Christmas. So far I have accompliched a skirt and a pillow. Finally learned out to do piping (on the pillow) and how to put zippers in. YAY!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yes I am blogging!

Christmas 2010
It has been way to long since I have blogged. The holiday season was so busy and we have quite busy I hardly, ok never, find time to go somewhere to have access to the internet. This week was extremely busy. I helped to plan a baby shower for a friend and had two parties for my new little one year old! It is so much fun to gather with family and friends!
I can hardly believe he is one. It seemed like just yesterday I was meeting him for the first time. He is so much fun and his little personality is coming out more each day. I know there are some of you that live far away and have been wanting to see pictures so here they are:
Dressed and ready for church
Loving my cake- Cedar City party
Our dads are cousins
St. George Party
I am such a BIG helper!
My favorite thing to do

He is so much fun and we are lucky every day to have him!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HINCKLEY ( as our friend's mom put it- "We're glad you came to our house.")