Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It may not look like it...BUT we are EXPECTING!

Baby Bess is in the oven and doing GREAT! We are actually almost three months along and have already had one ultrasound and heard the heartbeat. It is amazing how hearing those little thumps calm all my nerves and worries. We have a while left but we can hardly wait til it gets closer to February 13th!

I have not been too sick but I have got to say that Burke has been very patient with me and is going to be a great Dad. He takes great care of me when I am sick and never ever complains...I would not blame him if he did.
Three month prego pic coming soon...got to love them:)


We went to California with Ben, Kim, and little Annie last week. It was so much fun to just get away and go to the beach! We did spend some time in HOLLYWOOD and a Science Museum that was really amazing. Wish we were still sitting on the soft sand at the beach! (The pictures are not the greatest because we could not find our good camera before going so we had to use an old one)Gotta love Burke's Face :)
Annie is absolutely adorable! The boys love creating sculptures in the sand.

Where Have We Been?

We are in the middle of moving down to Cedar City and our lives have been crazy! We have been out of town practically every weekend since the end of June and we are about ready to settle down! Most of my SD Cards with all our pictures on them are in Cedar so I guess I will borrow some from others or just tell you what we have been up to...I just need to catch up on blogging:)
  • It all started with watching this cute little little niece of ours for a week. She is really a great baby and we had a lot of fun with her. We absolutely fell even more in love with her and actually felt empty handed when she was gone!
  • We went to the ranch for a family reunion. Thanks to Kate for these great pictures with the Polaroid. it was so much fun to explore the ranch and just relax. Also, many of the family members had never been to Bryce Canyon so we decided to take an extra drive to see that.
  • Can't forget celebrating my Birthday! I love sharing it with the Nation's Birthday too! I'm twenty three and for some reason I just can not get that down quite yet.
  • One of our weekends consisted of going to Jackson Hole Wyoming with our cousins Cameron and Jessica to visit KC, Mary and Sophie. We spent the weekend hiking, water rafting, and just completely wore ourselves out! Thanks for the great weekend!
Well that is where we have been. It has been a busy month but we are just about to the end. We are excited to get our lives going in Cedar City but we will definitely miss Provo and all that we have experienced and learned here!