Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Know I'm Loved

My Husband is by far the cutest!! Not only does he tell me he loves me everyday but he always surprises me with things that lets me know it is true. Here is a little example, after a hard day at work, I came home to a little candle light dinner on our card table (we usually sit at the bar with stools cause there is not really room for a real table) with a homemade meal!! he was so creative with what we had that It made everything that happened during the day worth it!! Today I came home from my night class in Salt Lake to a flower and a Crunch Bar (my favorite candy bar)! He knows how much I love fresh flowers...so he makes an effort to practically always have some sort of flowers in our home. He is the best and I definately know I'm loved!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Burke's Birthday

Burke's Birthday was on March 11th. We happened to be in St. George the weekend before so we celebrated it with his family. It was so much fun to make him a cake and share his 22nd birthday with everyone. I usually have class on Tuesday nights in Salt Lake (which was the day his birthday happened to land on) so we were glad we could do everything before. I was so sad that I wasn't going to be with him but then my class got canceled! We ended up going out to eat to Panda Express:) (his Choice of course) and then went up to my sister's house and had some more cake!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BURKE!!
Didn't know this one turned out so blurry....sorry.

Visiting Idaho

I am a little behind in my posts....as you can tell. In Feb. We drove to Idaho with my sister Holly and her family to visit my other sister, Mandi, and her family. It was so fun to have all the sisters together. We caught up on things that had been going on and had fun with all the kids too. They have lots of fun toys like snowmobiles and fourwheelers so we went out on them a couple of days.

Don't get fooled by all of the gear. We look like we are pro and know what we're are doing but on our first run on them I tipped us over.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Welcome to our Apartment

My parents came up to help us move all of our things into our apartment. it was quite the experience moving in the snow and I promised myself we will never move again....That promise will definately be broken but that's okay though :). Starting a new life together takes awhile as far as house appliances and other things so we were so grateful for all of the gifts we received from our wedding to help us out.

We did have to make a trip to Ikea for a couch (our biggest investment for our house so far) and some bar stools. We had never been there before so that was as experience and a half! That store is so big but we were able to find what we wanted and I think we might have to take a trip to Ikea again sometime!

We are getting used to our new apartment, ward, and manageing our different schedules. It will be nice to actually live in one place for a year at least and we love married life!! Thanks to everyone for your help!

Puerto Rico....here we come!!

Nothing like taking another trip so soon after getting married!! It took a little while to make the decision to go but it was a chance of a lifetime and we didn't want to regret not going or making use of the time we have with just the two of us! Great excuse right? We are excited to go on on such an adventure together and can hardly wait go with Burke's family!! Definitely nothing better then leaving school and work for a week and relaxing in the sun....we often find ourselves procrastinating our homework to search the Internet for what to expect for camping on the beach in Puerto Rico! Because our trip is only a few weeks away, we thought we would practice up on our snorkeling skills. Although we don't have the great clear water or our swimsuits on, we do have the gear and I think we will be ready to go once we get there :)!

Don't we look like pros? I think the water and swimsuits will definitely make a difference! The outcomes of the whole experience will be posted once we get back :).