Sunday, August 24, 2008

One of the Last Projects for the Summer

Before Summer comes to a jolting halt, we thought we would finish up one of our last projects for the summer (Burke still has a few others in mind) antique dressing screen. It is hard to see all the detail from a picture but believe me Burke did a great job! Burke thought it might be fun to try and sell it somewhere but I think I'll want to keep it :).

Home-made paint booth

The Finished Project
Cost of the project
Screens: $10
Paint: $8
Hinges: $2.25
TOTAL: $20.25

A Dressing Screen made by my husband...PRICELESS

Friday, August 15, 2008

Change is Good...I Think

I have now worked at a bank for three years so I feel pretty comfortable and in my comfort zone. All the jobs I have ever had have been working straight with the public. I have enjoyed it a lot and have made many new friends through my jobs. However, I have been getting ready for a change. Working at a bank has been a great job, but working with people and their finances is a little stressful at times. People don't quite understand that Tellers at the window are simply there to help them deposit, withdraw and answer some simple questions. Everyone probably uses a bank so just a little advice (and some things that I have observed from being a Teller..and I guess a little of venting)...

  • Try to be ready when you go to the drive-up
  • Tellers are not supposed to fill out your slips for you
  • If you don't know the teller, then the teller probably does not know you, so always include your driver's license
  • Don't spend more money then you have and then blame it on the bank
  • Tellers and the bank will always be there to help you but they will be more happy to help you if you are nice :).
  • Trust your bank
  • There are rules that have to be followed in the banking business so try to be understanding if something can not be done that you are wanting to be done
  • With all the money I have dealt with I can tell you that money is just money...Don't worry about it so much.
  • Try not to be demanding or seem helpless
  • Whether you have little or lots of money you still have problems.
Now that the Summer is coming to an end I have been looking for an internship to finish up my last semester at BYU. Burke's is also coming to the end of his summer job so we were both in the need of new jobs. I do not like change so looking for a new job was not fun for me. We have been applying and putting in resumes everywhere and finally yesterday we both landed on a fantastic job. We applied as a Teacher's Assistant at the same elementary school in the Provo School District thinking that one of us would get the job. When we both got called in for an interview it gave us hope that maybe we would actually both get to work at the same place but didn't think it would be possible because we are married. The interviews went great and only a few hours later we both received a call being offered a position at the same school and working at the same time!! The Elementary School is only about two miles from our house and we are lucky enough to just drive to work together. Our job will consist of tutoring first graders in math and reading and then helping out in the after school clubs. Because of our background,I will probably be involved in the dance club and Burke will be doing the speech and drama club! We are completely excited! Burke has had a job before where he worked with kids and did activities with them so this is a little more out of my comfort zone than it is for him but I think I will be ready for this change.

I don't know if it happens to anyone else, but when I get a new job I get nervous and scared and it makes my current job not seem so bad and I think maybe I could stay and deal with it a little longer. However, I am ready for a change but I will still be lucky enough to work a few Saturdays a month, if i choose, at the bank. There are many people that I will miss there and my co-workers have been great, but this new job will actually apply to what i have been studying the past few years and allow me to grow in areas that I would not be able to at the bank.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

There is Always a First Time for Everything

I knew it would be hard but I never knew it would be this hard. Tonight is the first night that Burke and I will be apart...let me just say that I sure miss him a lot! I had previously agreed to fill in for a girl at work which means I would be working a full day tomorrow, but tomorrow is the day that Jacob and Kassidy would become Mr. and Mrs. Baker! Burke is really good friends with Jacob so he tried really hard to get his work schedule open for tomorrow so he could go to the wedding...but unfortunately I still have to work. We decided that he should still go ahead and go down and I would be catching a ride with another friend after work.

It is nice to know that when Burke is gone I have great friends to be with! Aaron and Jenny Johnson have been great. They invited me over tonight for dinner and to watch the famous So You Think You Can Dance! It was so much fun and the food was scrumptious! Thanks guys for everything! Although I miss Burke a ton, I am glad that we were able to make things work so he could make it to the wedding and spend some quality time with his family and friends. Love you Burke and I'll See you soon!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Park City and Moochie's

Last weekend Kate and Graham came up for the weekend because Graham had to do some work for the Shutter Place. It was so much fun to have them here...We stayed up way to late for out own good and we were also able to spend a day with them in Park City at the Art Festival. I have been wanting to go up to Park City for awhile now because I have never had a chance to go there and really look around. It was a lot fun to walk around and see all the interesting art...and I mean interesting! After a fulfilling day of looking at art and enjoying the outlet stores (The boys not so much) we went to Salt Lake City to eat at a place called Moochie's. Thomas had told Graham about it and said that we really should go there. The food was pretty good but it was more about the experience :). The place has some pretty interesting things to look at and they are all about meatballs! If you like new and interesting places, this would be a place to try out!