Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We Can Hardly Wait

School is finally coming to an end. By tomorrow morning we will both be finished with finals and definitely ready for a break. I have to start school again next Tuesday and Burke will be starting a new job...so until then we are heading to St. George on Friday to enjoy time with our families and the warm weather! We can hardly wait!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Livin' the Dream"

When someone asks Burke "How he is doing," He sarcastically responds with, "oh ya know, just livin' the dream!" Well last week we actually did "live the dream!" However, the dream did not actually come until we reached Culebra (the island where we were going to camp). Going to Puerto Rice was quite the experience with a 9 1/2 hour layover in the Atlanta Georgia airport in the middle of the night. We were so excited to finally make it to San Juan to meet the rest of the family. After everyone was together we found out that the high winds was causing the ferry to be down for awhile. We were kind of disappointed to find out the ferry was not running and had to make alternate plans for the night....long story....but we finally all pitched in and decided to take a flight to Culebra from San Juan the next morning. The flight turned out to be a great time and something that won't be forgotten. It was a really tiny plane that only fit the eight of us and the flight was a little rocky but we finally made it. The adventure was not quite over yet. Because it was so early in the morning, the taxis were not running yet....so we started to walk to the beach. It wasn't long before a van stopped and picked up a few of us and all the luggage. Once we got to the camp site, we set up our tents and got right in our swimming suits to enjoy the wonderful view of the Caribbean.We snorkeled a lot while we were there and we got huge sunburns on the back of our legs...Burke even got stung by a jelly fish!We all got together and made a snake (Culebra means snake). It was a blast. Burke also found huge shells. We did not have room to bring them home, but I kind of wish we figured out a way! He is also very creative and made a mat out of palm tree leaves, a necklace for me, and a couple of bracelets.
The trip was a blast and even though we had to come back to school and work it was well worth it and the memories with family will last longer than our grades :).

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sad to say but we are back

We just got back a few days ago from our trip to Puerto Rico. I have been dying to get some pictures up and post about the fun times we had but coming back to a hectic life of work and school (not to mention finals) has not permitted me to do so. My computer is also slowly crashing so I have to wait until Burke's computer is free....I should be able to get to it Sometime this week! On the bright side, the trip was amazing and something I would definitely do again. Waking up to the sounds of the ocean and the gorgeous view is something everyone should experience sometime in their life. So keep in touch and pictures are soon to come!
For now...to give you an idea of how amazing it was...here is the beach where we camped at for a week!