Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jackson Hole

This past weekend we went up to Jackson Hole Wyoming to visit family. It was such a blast and we want to thank them for the fun time we had. Since we went over Valentines we didn't mind splurging on passes to go Snowboarding. I watched little Sophie for a little bit with Kate and then decided that I might as while give snowboarding a try. When we were dating Burke told me that he would only teach me how to snowboard if he found out he loved me. Well, since that came true:) he now had to teach me! He was a great teacher and was so patient with me! I fell down a couple a times on the first few runs and then I was pretty good from there. All the credit goes to Burke....he was an amazing teacher!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am Addicted

I am addicted to heat bags. A few years ago I made a heat bag with my niece and it just recently broke :(. When Burke and I first got married he hated my heat bag because it was always with me! However, as time went on he started stealing it from me every so often. When mine broke I told him I would make one for him too. On Saturday we got the material and Burke decided he would sew up his own. I wish I would have gotten one of him on the sewing machine because he says that is the only time I would catch him sewing! He did a great job though and now we each have our own!