Monday, June 1, 2009

New Projects

We have started a few projects for the summer. This is the time of year we absolutely love! We both changed into work clothes and realized we were wearing the same thing! When my neighbor came out she was laughing at us and took a picture of us! Aren't we just looking our best?When my niece and Nephews come over, they have nothing to play with so we decided it was time to make a few things. Burke has started to make wooden blocks but they are not finished (It is always fun for kids to use their imagination to create using wooden block. Together we made ABC blocks and then I made soft ABC/123 blocks with bells inside. We have found that this is something we enjoy doing together and it is always fun to see the outcome. One night for date night, I went and bought three canvases for us to paint on. Together we created a little bit of art to hang up in our house :). You should definitely try this for a date night. You can learn a lot about each other!


The school year finally came to an end! For the end of the year we had our Ballroom Club perform all that they had learned. They performed: The Cha-cha, Swing, Waltz, Tango, and a dance they made up on their own. A lot of the boys in our club came in not wanting to dance or hold a girls hand. They went out loving it. The parents were very excited to see their children dance and were amazed with how much they had learned.You are probably wondering why I am wearing the same outfit as the girls...Well, at last minute one of the girls could not make it so I was lucky enough to dance one of our fifth grade boys!
For the last week of Burke's GT class they created a zoo in their classroom. The students had a lot of fun making all the animals and turning their classroom into a zoo. The students absolutely loved Burke and after he left the school for his other job, his students were constantly asking me where Mr. Bess was!

Stock Paid Off

In one of the classes Burke took he was given fake money to invest. He became really interested in it and we decided to invest some of our own REAL money. For graduation Burke sold the stock and had earned enough money to buy me a Bosch mixer! I was so excited and we have already made a lot of great goodies!
Burke has also been saving his monies and he decided to buy a chop saw! It is so fun to see him doing the things he enjoys. We have now started many new summer projects! Oh how we love summer!

Graduation-HAPPY DAY

Since we have not had the internet for awhile I need to catch up on what has been going on in our lives!

Graduation finally happened. Walking finally made it feel real. I never thought I would ever graduate, let alone from BYU. It was a satisfying day and it was great to have people there who have helped me along the way!

We are tending the littlest one for four days soon. It will be an experience:)