Tuesday, March 6, 2012

we've been keeping busy

Thanks to Pinterest we have kept a little more busy around here. The weather has brought a few boring days every now and again so I looked for some ideas on Pinterest to keep him busy. One idea is to put your child in the bath with water colors and let them go at it. he thought that was so cool and kept him busy for quite awhile. I just love his little smile.
Have you ever seen a faucet extender? They are easy to make with cardboard and rubber bands so i added one to the bath tub faucet. He had a lot of fun filling up his cups and dumping it out.
One Sunday for a treat we made 'smore pops! They were delicious. Melt your marshmallow over the stove, dip in chocolate, and then dip in graham crackers, or sprinkles--my favorite. I bet you can't tell the little guy loved them!

Grandma and grandpa came to visit for a few days! We had so much fun and just love when when family comes!
This picture was taken of Hinckley on a Sunday after Church. He always has to play with his truck and hat whenever we get home! I love how he always pretends to go to work!

Burke finally got a grill! Yeah for graduating and for his birthday! He has been wanting one for so long and we finally got one. We had Tom and Nichole over a couple of days after for our first grill and it was a success...we had to do it the next night too:). I know it will get used a lot because it already has haha! Who says you can't grill all year round!

I am trying to learn how to do applique on shirts and made Hinckley this Fire Engine shirt! I want to do a few more but I want to see how this one holds up in the wash first! I had a lot of fun doing it though!

Six Months

We had a hard time getting a decent picture but I guess that is part of the fun...starting to get really big but I can't believe I am already six months!