Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hinckley will be 2 next week ( 2 yr. old pics)

I can't believe he used to be this little
and now...

He is this big!

Kassidy Baker is always so nice to work with Hinckley...this time especially. He was in a goofy/grouchy mood but she still did a great job in capturing his personality!

A few fun facts about Hinckley:

Loves "Futball"
Says "I got you" when in reality you got him
When he wants anyone to come with him, he says "up" or "in der"
He loves trains
Favorite show to watch is Curious George
Loves playing doctor but HATES the concept of going or seeing a doctor
He now understands that when dad isn't home he is at work instead of school
Says "nack" for snack
Recently holds the hymn book in church and sings along while waving his arm
Loves saying hi to everything by waving. For example, waves to animals in books
He says "where are you" when looking for something


Monday, January 16, 2012

Just a few fun Pictures

I had made some banana bread and Hinckley wanted some. I gave him a piece on a plate and told him he could go sit in the living room. I walked in and he was sitting like this so I just snapped a quick picture!

Hinckley has been watching a You Tube Video found here of one of my friend's (Cori White) nephew who I grew up with. You have got to watch it, it is so funny! Anyways it is of this little boy swimming and jumping in the water and Hinckley just loves it (we watch it everyday, 4-5 times a day). Every time he watched it he wanted to go swimming so we decided to take him to an indoor swimming pool so this was a picture taken before we went....he looks so happy in this picture hahah but he was sooooo excited to go. I hate taking valubles to the pool but I should have cause we were practically the only ones there! oh well...He had a blast and I guess that is all that matters. I have to keep telling myself that memories can just be memories and not always captured on camera :).

This picture is a little blurry because I had taken it on my phone. He is already to go to church :) and I thought it was so cute of him! I didn't realize he had scissors in his hand but he is learning how to cute paper. I know i know...I am just waiting for the day he cuts his hair, the couch, or some clothing item! It is bound to happen someday haha.

Trying to learn a new skill...

This year I decided to try and teach myself how to crochet. My oldest sister has taught me a little bit so with A LOT of trial and error I finally completed this. I might make a few changed to the next one I make. I followed the pattern found here that you can purchase for 5 $. It's pretty fun once you get the hang of it and you can kind of mix it up to make your own unique styles!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Snow has arrived :(

The snow has arrived. I am not too happy about it but somebody else it :). Hinckley loves playing outside whether the sun is shinning or not. Burke and I were inside watching him out the window...that's why he is looking up at us with that cute little face.

I am four months today. I feel a lot bigger than I look in that picture. I used the timer so It may have caught it when I was taking a breath in from running to get in place hahah:).
We are in the middle of switching doctors so we're going to have to wait a little longer than normal to see whether it's a girl or a boy but it should be about the middle of Feb.!
What do you think it will be?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

you will be hearing from us more!

I am happy to say that we finally have the internet and you will be hearing from us more!!!! To those of you who live far away, I am sorry for my lack of updating and as you can tell there are a lot of pics of Hinckley...who you really want to see ;).

The move from Cedar was really hard. Leaving Grandpa was really hard and I catch this little guy talking to him on his fake phone at least once a day (heart breaking isn't it)! Hinckley kept busy playing in all the boxes while we were packing up our way too many belongings. I wished it was summer so we could have had a yard sale...we made too many trips to DI with things I wasn't really wanting to get rid of, but had too.

For those of you who didn't know we are expecting again:). I will be four months next week. This pregnancy as been a lot better as far as sickness. I am super tired, but then again I wonder why. I am due June 26th!

We had Christmas at the Ranch this year in Panguitch. We decided to go Tubing the day before Christmas Eve and everyone had a blast. I request that we go again in two long as I'm not pregnant again haha.

Christmas Eve was a blast! We attempted the nativity and it was a success! Of course it is a little bit of a mess with all the kids but it is definitely worth it....the memories are too priceless! (Thanks again Kate for making my hat)

Christmas morning was a blast and so magical with all the kids! Hinckley loved everything he received. He never keeps hats on but he doesn't play with his truck now without it. He pretends he goes to work about twenty times a day. So cute!!!

We went to my parents the day after Christmas and of course the first thing he asks Pa to do it turn "futball" on....that kid is in love with it!

Well our little place is coming a long. We had to get rid of a lot but in the process we found we needed a desk and a table a long with a few chairs. I forgot to take a pic of the table but we found a cute one that Burke re-did the top! We also found this chair for the desk. In the before pic, I already threw the top cushion away. But picture a gross worn out yellow with gray tint stripped fabric....or something really ugly. Thanks to Hinckley he is modeling the finished product :).

We found this desk at DI too! It had a crappy spray painted red job done. So we decided with our extra red paint from the door we did forever ago we would paint right over it and add some nice little handles....I think it turned out great myself!! Thanks to Burke for all his hard work right before starting his Job!

Hinckley is adjusting. Thanks to the nice weather Hinckley can play in the Christmas Present from Grandma and Grandpa Bess! He absolutely loves it....especially throwing the sand out :)

Moving to a new place is really hard and always takes some adjustment! I have to remember how lucky we are in this Economy. Burke has worked so hard and I am especially so proud of him for getting an education and establishing a great Job!