Tuesday, June 5, 2012

As of Late

Burke Graduated with his Masters in Accounting!  We are so excited that he is all finished...now just to pass the CPA exam and then we can really celebrate!  It was so fun to see family and friends as we have missed living in Cedar City and close to home!

This kid is seriously obsessed with fire hydrants and I mean OBSESSED!  He can spot them from anywhere and he always has to climb on them and try and twist all the knobs it is hilarious.  When ever he sees them while we are driving in the car he points and yells out "another one!"
One day while Burke was pushing Hinckley in the swing he ended up falling asleep.  Burke had to study for the CPA exam so he sat up everything outside and studied while pushing him every now and again so he wouldn't wake up.

Burke was setting up the crib one day and Hinckley wanted to work too so he had me put on his apron and he got his tape measure out and was measuring the box.  It was so cute (he doesn't look very happy because he is at a stage where he tells me not to take pictures of him haha)!
 Girls Weekend - all the girls in my family came and stayed at my house (what a patient and awesome husband I have to deal with all of us).  It was so much fun to go shopping and just hang out and chat!
 Of course we had to do a craft with me there haha so we made this for the Fourth of July

 Aunt Holly made Hinckley and Edison some towels.  I absolutely love them.  Hinckley's had footballs on it and Edison's has cute little sharks

 Here are my updated prego pics at 32 weeks and 36 weeks (I do my months by weeks.  I am definitely getting ready for him to get here!  This pregnancy has gone by extremely fast and we can't wait to meet him and welcome him to our family!

Here are a few projects we have done for the boys: Matching 4th of July shirts, big bro little bro shirts, and then we put quotes on canvases to put above their beds after the people we named them after (sorry it is so blurry)