Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finally an Update

I have had many requests to update my blog which is understandable seeing how the last post was really long ago. We have had a busy summer so far with two trips up north and Burke working two jobs. We are lucky enough to spend most of our time in St. George with family because one of the jobs is located in St. George. We are enjoying every minute with Hinckley. He makes our day with his cute little smile and his adorable laugh. When he was first born, I didn't ever want him to grow up but each new stage he goes through is so much fun!Congrats to Alex and Necia! We got a new Sister-in-law!!
Cutest little boy! One of my favorite pictures! LOVE HIM
Happy 1st Fathers Day Burke! Best Daddy in the world!
Tried rice cereal but it didn't go over too well :)

I will try not to wait so long in the future to update and hopefully i will figure out how to get a few videos on too!