Thursday, October 11, 2012

just a little of what we do

 I would have a bazillion pictures if I tried to show every little thing so here are a few! We went with Tom and Nichole to see the new baby giraffe at the zoo.  It was so cute and tiny!  We were all sad Daddy couldn't come cause of work so we will have to go again!

 Edison is just a little Chunky Monkey :).  I swear it happened over night.  He is so much fun and such a good baby!

 Spending time as brothers in the firetruck Hinckley built and reading together :)
 Hinckley helping Dad with a project for Mom
 Then He was just too tired to stay awake any longer

Spending time with Dad...I just can't wait to see how they interact as everyone gets older!  It is so much fun to have two boys next to each other!

 Hinckley is going to be a fireman for Halloween...doesn't the one of him running look like it came straight out of the Little Rascals Movie? I love that he has to wear it all the time!
I love his face in the mirror while Burke is cutting his hair!

Sorry I don't post very often but you get lots of pics when I do!:)


communikate. said...

Great photos you guys!! Love those little men. :)

becky nelson said...

Reese, your boys are adorable!!! I can't believe how big Edison is! Cute cute cute!!!